Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Do I even dare to post this?
Yep...This is the preliminary survey of our lot.  Well...What was to be our lot.  Lot 20 was our original choice.  It was what we wanted from the moment we moved to this town.  We have been waiting almost 5 months for this lot but once we got the survey it wasn't all we hoped it would be.  It is a strange shape, which we knew it would be, but we didn't plan how bad it would be once you added in the wildlife easement (front dotted line that we can't build over) and then the 2 culverts that will go through the lot (drawn in with pencil)  You can see how we tried to fit our house on there but it just doesn't leave a lot of room for other things without them being in really low areas and we don't want that.  It is also weird how it goes over the road.  Not sure what they were thinking there.  So after driving out there again tonight in the rain we have decided that lot 19 will work.  We didn't really want to have someone building right across from us but at least we can position our house better on the lot.  When we drove out there and turned down the road there was a HUGE double rainbow going right over the road and ending at lot 19.  I took that as a sign.  Jacob and our builder will walk the lot on Thursday and hopefully we will be able to move quickly from there.
Tyler is sick again.  Running a fever and just overall feeling pretty bad.  Not sure what is going on with him.
Jackson finished up his last day of tutoring today until school starts.  He is so happy to have some time off to enjoy summer.
Jaci enjoyed having Tyler home from camp today.  Although he was sick she enjoyed having someone here with her.  They are cute together as long as it is just the 2 of them.


  1. Can ya'll buy 19 and 20 to make sure nobody else gets it??

  2. That would be too much to take care of. Lot 19 has more than enough room on it.