Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This was how we spent our day.
It was not fun.
In fact it is like a slow torture where your eyes start crossing and refuse to process what is in front of them.
I won't put you through that. 
I will however ask your opinion.  We have our brick selected.  It is the one in the middle in between the 2 boards of rocks.  It was the one I first walked in and saw and loved (and then HATED) and now I am OK with it again.  It is the best neutral color that isn't too red or too gray.  It pulls a lot of earth tones and blends well with everything.  Now we have to select the rock.  We are struggling between these 3 choices.
Left will be A  Right will be B. 
And here left will be C and Right will be B again.  (Because it is the same rock!)
Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.  At this point I am sick of looking at them! 
This is what happens when you force toddlers to look at rock and brick for hours.
They weren't amused! 
Here is the house looking from the back corner of the garage to the front.  All of the boards are up and they are filling in sand and starting to do the trenching.  You can clearly see the shape of the foundation.  Yay!  I love seeing daily progress.  (I know you all are probably sick of seeing pictures of dirt and boards.) 
We did our nightly lot walk and threw away trash, picked up nails and stacked a bit of wood that was just laying around.  
Jackson worked on getting his fire going again and then gathered some more sticks and brush to put on it.

Jaci had a rough start because she tripped right when we got out their and cut her hand but she recovered and was a big help to Jackson.
Overall it was a very productive day.

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