Sunday, November 14, 2010


Today we played with tornadoes... 
Ate slimy green frogs... 
(Ignore the cut on his face.  He was hauling wood to the brush pile and cut his cheek pretty bad.) 
We also stayed in pajamas most of the day.  Rescued Jacob when he ran out of gas on the way to Breckenridge and then went out to the house and acid etched the concrete on the basement floor.  That was an adventure.  Jacob had the acid on the floor and we needed to rinse it and vacuum the water/acid out of the basement and the generator decided not to work.  Let's just say it was a huge family effort to get this done.  We ended up working with flashlights and lights on the hats and the kids sat freezing in the car watching Ghostbusters.  The etching is all done.  Now we have to wait for the walls to cure a full 28 days which will be on Friday.  After that we will have one day to get the basement sealed before the framers are needing to get down there.  We are slightly stressed about getting it all done.  I am glad we are doing it ourselves and saving money but it is stressful.

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