Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Today the framers got started on the house. 
It should have been a great day for us, but right now we are a bit concerned about a few issues.
The first issue is that they forgot to place the plugs in our living room floor.  Due to the open floor plan those plugs are absolutely necessary.  The only solution is to cut into the foundation and run the electric lines in and then do a patch job on the concrete.  What makes this so bad is the fact that our floors are going to be stained concrete and the patch will be noticeable.  Very noticeable.  Our builder has assured me that he can make it look good but that it would show.  I'm not sure what to do at this point.  I don't want to pay as much as we are for a custom house and have messed up floors.  I think it will always bug me because it won't be the nice perfect floors we paid for.  We will wait and see how they turn out but I am absolutely sick about this.  Hopefully our builder will make it right if the floors don't look good.
After getting the disappointing news about the floors we headed out to the house to see the framing.  When we got out there I immediately panicked when I looked at our bedroom.  It looked so small.  We drove home and got a tape measure and headed back to the house.  It is 4 inches too short on one of the walls. 
At this point I am really sick. 
As of right now we have called our builder and told him to hold off on the framers tomorrow morning and asked him to meet us at the house in the morning.
I am going to try to not panic but right now I am in full blown panic mode.
I will be away from internet service for the next 2 nights and won't be able to post.  I will update again on Saturday.

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