Tuesday, November 9, 2010


November 5th...I'll start with what is going on back at home. 
Foundation preparations continue and the rough in plumbing is finished up. 
Jackson and Jacob went out there to work in the evening and burned off some more of the burn pile.  This isn't the greatest picture of Jackson but it is all I have.  He has enjoyed working out at the lot and is such a big help. 
We had a great day at Gale's house.  We went and met Amy for lunch and then Gale took the kids home to nap while I ran to San Marcos with Amy.  We had a great time.  It was so nice to see her and catch up and meet her new little girl.  When I came home we spent the afternoon outside enjoying the beautiful day! 
The kids love being out at Gale's house because there is so much for them to do that they don't get to do here at home. 
They feed the fish, play with a deer, dig up carrots in the garden and this time they even got to take a ride on a horse.  
Well...Tyler rode the horse. 
Jaci got on and took a picture but didn't want to ride.  Later she cried about not being able to ride a horse.  (Sigh...) 
It was so nice to be there doing the things that the kids grew to love last winter/spring when Jacob was gone and Gale was our lifeline. 
In fact...it almost felt like nothing had changed. 
It was perfect!  I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends who my kids love and who love my kids. 
We ended the evening with the kids jumping on the trampoline at sunset... 
A fire on the patio... 
And Beauty and the Beast with Alex and Erin.
It was a perfect day!

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