Monday, November 29, 2010


Things are moving along! 
Today was the first time we have let the kids go into the house since they started putting the roof on and finishing up the walls.  I have been hesitant because of all of the boards that are holding the walls in place so that they don't shift when the roof is going on.  There are just so many of them and I didn't want someone to get hurt or mess something up.   
They were so excited to go in and see their rooms again! 
I love seeing their excitement over their closet or bathrooms.  It is too cute!
This is one of the patch jobs on the concrete.  I am trying not to freak out about how it looks but right now it is stressing me out a bit.  It wouldn't matter so much if we weren't staining the concrete, but we are and I think it is going to look terrible.

The area where the floor plugs will be looks better than I first thought it would.  Our builder was able to come up from the basement and cut across from there to where each plug will be located.  He still has to come in and knock out where the plug is and then work on buffing it and trying to get it to blend.  He feels certain that he can get it to look good.  All I can do is trust him at this point.
I can't wait to finally be living out here and relaxing on our back porch.  It is so peaceful.

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