Saturday, November 27, 2010


Blogger is once again giving me a hard time with pictures tonight.  I will try to upload them again tomorrow.

We had a great day here.  Nothing too special.  This afternoon my mom, sister and I headed to San Angelo to run just a few more errands and pick up a few more things.  Shopping was so crazy yesterday so we didn't really get to fully look at stuff.

We came back this evening and watched Elf (LOVE that movie!) and worked puzzles.

It was a nice day.  We are heading back home tomorrow.  I hate to leave but I am excited to get home and see the progress on the house.  It is always good to take a break from things but it is also nice to settle back in at home.  I bought us a little tree yesterday and now we need to figure out how to decorate it.  I hate having all of my stuff in storage but at least it is temporary.

ETA:  Pictues of the kids working puzzles with their Meme.

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