Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Today was hard for me.  It shouldn't have been.  I normally love days when we decorate our tree but this just isn't my tree.  My tree is sitting in storage with all of the decorations that I love to take out and look at every year.  This tree has no sentimental value to me.  It just makes me sad and really makes me miss our old home.  Thankfully it is just this one year that we will have to do this. 
The kids love the tree.  I took them to Wal-Mart and let them pick out what they wanted to put on it. 
It isn't what I would have picked but they love it and that is all that matters. 
In fact they think it is the prettiest tree ever.  (Bright red tinsel and all!) 
And as long as they are happy with this Christmas, I am going to do my best to be happy with this Christmas and be thankful for all that we have.
Because we do have a lot...and tonight we celebrated that with our little Charlie Brown tree with the bright red tinsel!

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