Tuesday, November 23, 2010


For some crazy reason Blogger isn't letting me upload pictures tonight. I have been trying for over an hour and still can't get it to work. I am done for the night. I will try to get them posted tomorrow.

I had a lot of great pictures of the house framing and the layout of the house. It is really coming together.

The kids and I didn't head out to Robert Lee today because I have to meet with our builder in the morning to discuss our fireplace and what we are doing with our brick/rock. (Which by the way we STILL have not made a decision on!) We also have a few other framing issues to discuss with him but nothing major.

The kids are excited to be on Thanksgiving break. Just wish we didn't have to change our plans because of the house but I have a feeling that will be happening a lot in the coming months. It will all be worth it when it is finished!

ETA:  I finally got my pictures to post!

View of front of house. 
Looking at our front door. 
Looking from the living room back to the kitchen and off back to the back patio. 
View of vaulted celing in living room looking towards our bedroom.  The fireplace will be centered with this vault and will go all the way up.  I have also decided to add a vaulted celing to our bedroom to make it look larger. 
Looking from the kitchen into the laundry/mud room. 
Our bedroom. 
Our bathroom. 

The back porch.
Looking from the back porch to the garage/workshop. 
Looking from the dining room to the kitchen/living room. 
Jackson's room. 
Boys bathroom with their closets in the back. 
The basement after we finally got it sealed. 
Jaci's room. 
Jaci's bath and closet. 
Tyler's room.

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