Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This is the first time that the kids have seen this much snow.  They saw a little last year in Robert Lee but not enough to fully cover the ground.  Last night we got 7-8 inches and the kids were so excited! 
They were out of school today but woke up 45 minutes before they normally do ready to see the snow.
I was not amused! 
It was cute to see their excitement. 
We spent about 40 minutes layering up and getting ready to go out. 
All necessary because when we headed out there was a wind chill factor of -4 degrees! 
It was bone crushing cold! 
They didn't seem to mind though. 
They boys tackled each other in the snow and had a snowball fight. 
They tasted the snow. 
All of them were amused at how my car looked. 
We all worked on building a snowman. 
At this point Jackson was pretty much over the cold and ready to go in. 
Jaci and Tyler pushed through and finished the snowman. 
Granted he is a really small snowman but the snow wasn't packing together too well so I was happy we got what we did. 
It was a lot of fun.  COLD...but wonderful being out with them enjoying the snow. 
And the aftermath is 2 loads of laundry and a wet floor but totally worth it!

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