Friday, February 18, 2011


You would think it was Christmas in my house today because Jaci's new carseat came in and they had another box to play with.  They were really bummed last week when Tyler's new carseat's box finally bit the dust, so there was a lot of excitement when we pulled up and they saw that Britax box sitting on the front porch.  (OK...I'll admit that I was excited too but it was excitement over the new seat.)  For those of you who don't know, I am a bit carseat obsessed.  I did extended rear facing which for the boys meant that they were turned around at age 1.5 but for Jaci meant that she was RF until she was 3.  I got a lot of comments and strange looks but it is absolutely the safest way for a child to ride in a car so I did it.  I'm big on safety!  Jackson rode in a harnessed seat (Britax Regent) until he turned 8 and then I moved him to a booster seat.  This also got me a lot of crazy looks but was the safest.  Most kids Jackson's age have long since been out of a booster which is crazy to me because the seatbelt doesn't fit them right.  It is safest to keep them harnessed as long as possible and then in a high back booster until they can properly fit in a seatbelt.
So...Jaci had just about outgrown her Marathon by height and Tyler was pushing the limits of his old Frontier which had lower harness slots.  When I found the Frontier 85 on sale a month ago I got them each a new seat which will keep them harnessed until they are 8 (possibly longer with Jaci) and will then turn into a booster for each of them after that.  Yes...I am a bit of a carseat Nazi (as one of my friends put it), but nothing is more important to me than my kids and keeping them safe is my number 1 priority.  If keeping them rear facing longer or harnessed longer or in a booster longer makes me crazy then I guess I am...I see it as insurance. 
Aside from the box excitement, it was a pretty crazy day around here.  I was up early running errand for the house in Abilene and out at the house making decisions a lot of the day.  It has come to a point where a lot of decisions need to be made every time I go out there.  I will be talking to one person with another one lined up to ask a question.  It is a bit overwhelming.
We have a closing date of March 18th which is exactly one month from today.  It is hard to believe. 
They started the rock on the fireplace today.  I am anxious to see how it all turns out.  I am hoping that I will end up liking the TV up above the fireplace.  That was a last minute decision that Jacob made after we started the house and I am still on the fence about it.  We will see how it turns out. 
They put in the crown molding today in the rooms that will have it.  Jaci's room will have crown and a chair rail just like her room in Lockhart.  I loved her room in Lockhart.  I hope I like this one just as much. 
Another thing I added in was an in wall ironing board.  I have always wanted one.  Now that it is in I am not so sure about it.  It kind of sticks out of the wall a bit more than I had hoped and looks a bit awkward.  I am thinking that perhaps it won't looks so bad if I paint it the color of the walls rather than leave it white.  I'm not sure though.  What do you think?
And now I leave you with one final picture of my kids in a box.  A carseat box.  A colored carseat box.
Aren't they cute!

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  1. I loved our Britax seats. I still have one that I need to sell......but keep forgetting.

    Is it possible to have the ironing board recessed a little more? If not, painting it the color of the wall will keep it from visually standing out so much. Neat idea! If I ironed, that would be cool! LOL :)