Sunday, February 27, 2011


This morning Jacob and I were up around 6:30 so that we could get out to the house and finish painting while we still had Jacob's parent's in town.  Painting by lamp light isn't ideal but it helped us get the job done when we were out there until 11:45 last night and up and at it early this morning. 
Jaci's room is a bit more pink than I had anticipated.  I had to switch colors yesterday because the original one was looking way too purple.  I went with the suggestion from Pottery Barn since that is where I got her bedding.  It didn't look quite so bright pink on the sample or when I painted a sample on the wall.  She loves it and it matches so I guess it will work.  It is certainly a little girl's room! 
Tyler's room wasn't quite as difficult.  I pulled a pale yellow/cream color from his bedding and matched it up with another suggested Pottery Barn color.  At first he was really upset that I wouldn't paint his room John Deere Green but he is now happy with the color and thinks it looks like a wheat field. 
Jackson's room and the rest of the house are being painted buy our builder because they are all the same color.  His room will be painted tomorrow.  He was a little sad that his wasn't done but I convinced him that it was better to have his painted by a professional.  He was OK with that. 
Jacob worked so hard all day today getting all of the rock and brick cleared.  We have major dirt work happening tomorrow so it had to be done today.  It looks so nice to not have all of that lumber or brick/rock junking up the yard!  We have a lot of big things happening out at the house this week.  I am excited to see things come together! 
Oh...and can someone please tell me why we have gone from freezing to 90 degrees?  What happened to Spring?  I took this picture around 6 PM tonight so I have a feeling it was even warmer than this today.
I am not ready for it to be hot.  I just want a nice Spring.

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