Sunday, February 6, 2011


Today Tiffany's husband was supposed to come and start putting tile in but we decided to cancel because I am still running a fever and feeling like I have been hit by a bus.  It is a good thing he didn't come because this day has been a disaster! 
We absolutely had to get our floors cleaned up today so around lunch we all headed out to the house.  I realize that it wasn't the smartest move given the fact that I was still running a fever at the time but this couldn't wait.  When we got out to the house Tyler started throwing up.  As I was dealing with Tyler, Jacob turned on the water and instantly I knew something was wrong.  Water was spraying from our bathtub and running down the wall and all over our laundry room floor.  Even though we had turned off the water and drained the lines, apparently there was still some water in the lines.  When that happened it was obvious that we weren't going to be able to clean the floors.  We picked up a broom and started to sweep really good but 3 rooms into it Tyler was outside throwing up again and I was coughing up a lung so I headed home with the kids.
Thank goodness I was sick and cancelled having Felipe come in otherwise it would have been a waisted trip for him. 
Tyler has thrown up every 15 minutes all afternoon and can't keep anything down.  He is pretty miserable and I am trying to help him out but I don't want to get too close to him and give him my germs.  (Or me get his.) 
Simply has been a miserable day!
Hope you all had a better weekend than we did!

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