Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Today was another snow day! 
It was bitter cold with a high of 16 degrees.  The wind chills were below 0 most of the day.
At one point this morning one of the heaters we had running showed that it was 48 degrees inside.
I was able to somewhat warm the house up by keeping 2 burners going on high all day long.  I know you aren't supposed to do that but I had to do something.  I kept water in a large stock pot on each burner and just let it boil all day long.  It helped heat the house and as an added bonus my skin doesn't feel quite as dry as it did this morning. 
The kids stayed in the pajamas all day long.  They are getting a little stir crazy so we have been playing a lot of Wii!  I even let them open up a new game so we are all having fun.
They are out of school again tomorrow.  The weather just isn't improving and the roads are so icy!  I would be surprised to see them go on Friday as well.  We will see. 
The benefit of the snow is that I was able to make us some snow ice cream last night.  It has probably been at least 15 years since I last had snow ice cream.  Making it for the kids brought back so many wonderful memories of my mom and grandma making it for me when I was young.
The kids thought it was the greatest thing in the world!  They had 2 bowls yesterday and 2 today!
(Why not...It isn't often that we get such a treat!)
Are you wondering how to make snow ice cream?
Go check out my sister's cooking site for the recipe:
She has a lot of our family favorites on there so take some time to look around.

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