Sunday, February 27, 2011


Today was all about basketball, Paint, and working at the new house. 
Jacob's parent's came in this weekend to help us out at the house.  We knew it would be super busy because Jackson had 2 basketball games scheduled.  They ended up throwing in another game as a makeup game as well.  Three games on a Saturday when we are needing to get a lot done was a bit much.  We made the first 2 games but just couldn't make it to the last game.  Jacob's mom went to the last one without us.  I felt terrible missing it but we just wouldn't have been able to get things done if we had gone.  Jacob and I were out at the house painting until 11:45 pm as it was! 
We did take a break to come home and eat a steak.  The kids had sat up a party out at their fort and were so excited for us all to eat out there. 
After supper they sat around and told ghost stories. 
Jacob and I had to eat and run so that we could get back to work. 
It was a crazy busy day!

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