Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Things are really getting down to the wire with this house and stress and emotions are running high right now.  Believe it or not I have actually found myself longing for last year when I could escape for an evening and go out to Gale's house and relax on her back porch.  Yes it was stressful and so hard living apart but I had my friends around me and there was so much good.  I really miss them. 
We went out tonight to do some more cleaning.  I feel like that is all we ever do.  If it is a night where we don't have basketball we are out at the house working until dark.  Then we are working all weekend (when we aren't at a basketball game).  Given the chance...I would not choose to do the clean up on a house again.  It is just too much work and really takes away that special new feel of a house. 
On a funnier note...this morning Tyler said,  "Mom, I don't want to eat okra anymore because I don't want to get what the dentist told you yesterday." Confused I asked what the dentist had said and he replied, "You know...those okra bites (overbites), I don't want to get those."  It was so random and you could tell he had been thinking about it a lot.  He loves okra and would eat an entire jar of pickled okra if you gave him the chance to so the poor boy had to be really bothered by the thought of Okra causing dental issues.
Have I mentioned how funny he is?
Here is a view of the floors cleaned up.  I was about to have a nervous break down with all of the mess everywhere so I am so happy to have the floors cleaned up and covered good again!

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