Monday, February 7, 2011


Today we got back in the swing of things.  It was so nice to start getting back into our routine. 
Tyler still wasn't feeling good so Jaci was kind of on her own today.  We played dress up with the princesses for a couple of hours today.  I can't even begin to count how many of those little princess dresses I changed today. 
I think Jackson was happy to go back to school and see his friends.  He was starting to get really bored here last week being trapped in the house. 
Tyler managed to keep some food and water down today but still wasn't feeling good.  I went ahead and gave him some medicine to help with the nausea because he was just looking so weak after a day of not eating.  Tyler has very little fat on his body so when he gets sick you can see it on him right away.  Thankfully he was able to eat and keep it down and even began to perk up a bit tonight.
After Jacob got off work we went out to the house to work on cleaning the floors.  Let me tell you that this is the hardest thing we have done out there so far.  It just takes so much time and there is no easy way to get them done.  I would just take buckets of water and then use the floor scraper to try to soften the mud.  Then I would use the broom to scrub the floors and try to get the fine stuff up that I couldn't scrape.  Jacob would follow me mopping up the water that I was scrubbing with.  We also had the kids help with the scraping, sweeping, mopping process.  It was crazy and I am so sore!
We still have one hallway and all of the bedrooms to do but the main living areas and kitchen/dining room are done.  I might try to head out there tomorrow and finish up the hallway while the kids are at school.
We will just see how I am feeling in the morning.


  1. We stained our floors after ripping up concrete and wood it was a mess but the thing we did was rent a floor maintainer to clean up the mess. We would poor water on the ground do the floor maintainer to clean it and then used a shop vac with a squeegee to dry it. I know your brother in law probably knows a lot more than us but it worked like a champ and our floors were awful.

  2. I suggested this to my husband on Sunday when we first attempted this project and he laughed at me. It made the most sense to me and certainly seemed like the easiest option. I am still convinced that it would have worked best after scrubbing that broom all over the floor in a circular motion. My arms are so sore today! I can't imagine cleaning the floors to stain after having carpet and wood on them. It was hard enough cleaning them in the bathrooms to stain after just the framing. I am going out to pull up the paper on them today and cover them again because the paper we put down got so messy during the sheetrock and mudding process. I am kind of excited to see how they look now. I am going to show my husband this comment as proof that I am not crazy!