Friday, February 11, 2011


It has been one of those days.  You know...those days when you just feel like the universe is working against you and you are overwhelmed by everything around. 
I shouldn't be so overwhelmed at this stage of the house building but right now there is just so much going on, both with the house and with the kids.  That along with being sick has just made this one week that I am happy to see come to an end. 
Jackson has his first basketball games tomorrow and is super excited.  It should be fun.
Today they put in most of our cabinets.
I didn't get a picture of them in because it was too dark by the time I made back out there with my camera.  I am happy with how they turned in and can't wait to see them stained and all trimmed out!

This is our builder Kevin (In the Maroon shirt) and his brother Jeff working on installing the cabinets.
And here is Felipe hard at work on our tile.  He has put in 2 really long days!  He is doing a great job and it is really coming together nice.  I can't wait to show you all how the bathrooms turn out!  I should be able to go and get some good pictures tomorrow.

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