Sunday, February 20, 2011


Today we started our day off with a basketball game at 9.  Then we had another one at 11.
I also had concession duty at 12.  It was a lot of time spent at the gym. 
The kids did great.  They have improved so much from last week! 
After the games we had planned to meet Tiffany and Felipe at the Zoo.  Tiffany had an ultrasound in Abilene at 12:30 so it worked out for us to meet after the games.  To my surprise, Jackson didn't want to go with me.  It makes me a little sad that things like going to the zoo aren't as fun for him anymore.  He opted to stay home with Jacob and work on some baseball and then go out to the house and clean up bricks.
Jaci and Tyler happily went along.  Jaci couldn't wait to see the Sophies.  (Giraffes)
She had her Sophie the Giraffe as a baby and it was her favorite toy.  She still has it in her bed with her.  I would say that other than her kittie, her Sophie is her next favorite thing. 
Tyler was disappointed that the Alligators weren't out but he was super excited about seeing the king cobra.  (Which was curled up where we couldn't really see it.) 
They were also so excited to see Rhett! 
It was a great day.  A busy day...but a great day!

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