Sunday, May 2, 2010


Today we just had a low key day around the house.  It was nice and relaxing.  I was sad that Gale and Bonnie are gone but I was smiling all day long that I have such wonderful friends.
Tonight after the kids had their bath we played our new Wii game Just Dance.  It is SO much fun!  Gale and her girls introduced us to the game this Winter and I have wanted to get it ever since then.  I finally broke down last week and got it.  We all had a lot of fun playing.  Jaci is so good at it.  Much better than the boys.  It was funny to watch how intense she was.  Jackson hated being beat by her.  I guess all the months of dance class paid off.  Jacob and I also had fun playing each other and the kids.  It is by far my favorite game that we have.  (and it is an awesome cardio workout!)

Jackson has the day off tomorrow so we are probably going to go to Abilene and meet up with Tiffany.  Should be a fun day.  It is always great to get out of the house and see her and Rhett.

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