Thursday, May 13, 2010


He makes my heart happy...
Especially when he just randomly jumps up and starts doing dishes and wiping down the kitchen cabinets.
Never mind the fact that I am going to have to re-wash them tomorrow morning when he goes to school because he didn't really wash them good or rinse them AT ALL.  That's OK...the fact that he jumped up and did this without us saying anything just makes me blissfully happy.

On a related note...I am so ready to get our dishwasher fixed.  It was the one thing that actually worked good in this house and now it is out.

I also met with our builder today and we have a house plan but it needs tweaking.  I like it but I don't totally LOVE it and I think if we are going to spend that much money and live in it forever that I need to LOVE it.  Hopefully we will get it perfect soon.

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