Sunday, May 23, 2010


Today we accomplished 2 major things that needed to get done.  My car got washed and I finally went through everything and filled out our claim form from the moving company.  I have been putting that off but we have to have it in to them in about 10 days so I couldn't put it off any longer.  I hope we don't have any issues getting them to take care of our claims.  I could have picked things apart a lot worse but as it is I really just want my table replaced and a few other small things replaced like Tyler's drum.  I guess we will have to see what they say.
Tomorrow Jackson has his school track meet and field day.  He is SO excited!  I promise my pictures will not be taken in the front yard tomorrow!  I am just not really motivated to be overly creative lately but at least tomorrow we will be out doing something different.
Hard to believe that school is almost out.  Only 4 more days!  I am ready and I know the kids are as well.

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