Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today was Jackson's awards assembly at school.  He came in 2nd in points this six weeks for AR reading and was on the A/B honor Roll.  The sad thing is that a lot of the awards other kids were getting he didn't get because of the move.  He would have been on the honor roll all year long.  He should have been recognized for the six flags reading program because we did that at Lockhart.  He should have been awarded for perfect behavior all year long which is a HUGE thing.  Very few kids get that.  In fact, I have to brag a bit on my boy because he has NEVER been off of green in 2 full years of school.  He has never even had to be warned about his behavior.  I know that it a difficult thing for a boy to manage.  I hated that he wasn't recognized on those things that I know he should have been recognized for.  I am going do something special for him because this year has been tough and he has had to deal with so many changes.  He has worked so hard and has behaved so well and I don't think that should be overlooked.
After the awards assembly I let the little ones play at the little playground.  They enjoyed it.  While there another parent came up to me and was asking me about Jackson's peanut allergy.  Her twin daughters have it so it was nice to have another parent to talk to and get information on pediatric allergists.  Looks like we will have to go Ft Worth for all pediatric specialists.  I kind of figured it would be this way.  While there another mom who I have spoken with several times came up and was talking to me about working out and our housing situation.  The 2 of them are good friends and were so sweet.  It was great to have a friendly face to talk to.
It was a pretty nice day overall!
Tomorrow school lets out at noon!  Summer here we come!

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