Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Today I met with Jackson's teacher to discuss his progress since moving here.  Unfortionatly it isn't quite what we were hoping for.  She actually suggested that we might want to consider holding him back.  We are  not on board with that plan.  The ONLY area where he has less than an A+ is in his reading/phonics.  We are working so hard with him and plan on having him in tutoring all through the summer (we are even prepared to cough up the money for Sylvan Learning Center if we need to).  We are extremely frustrated right now.  How he can go from a high A average in Lockhart to being held back here is just beyond us.  Compared to Albany's standards he is behind...but he is still within the average range and I am not going to hold him back because of that.  Especially when he is not struggling in any other areas.  I love the school.  I think his teacher is doing a good job but I am not willing to hold him back when he is average.
Tonight we went and looked some more at lots and really tired to make plans on where we want to build.  I am meeting with our builder tomorrow to get the house plans.  I am excited to see how they turned out.  After we make our final approval on them then they are off to the drawer for the final plans.  I am excited and so ready to be past this phase.
We cooked hot dogs tonight and Jackson helped Jacob with the grill. I think he is enjoying his time alone with us.

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