Sunday, May 16, 2010


We are home!  (not that coming home to this house is anything special)  This morning I helped my mom move the furniture out of my old room to prepare for the new furniture she bought.  It kind of made me a little sad watching my bed get torn down.  The room has changed but my furniture has been the same since we moved there.  The bed is an old cast iron bed that was my mom's when she was a little girl.  It then became my bed.  I loved it.  Now it is going to be Jaci's bed.  I love that the same bed has been passed down 3 generations now.  We won't actually get the bed until our new house is built (Yay for our awesome plans!) but I am so happy to have it for Jaci!
The little kids each found worms today.

It was good to come home and see Jacob and Jackson.  I think he has missed the little kids.

Tomorrow we are meeting with our builder to give him our house plans so that he can hand them off to the architect.  I am so excited to get moving on this and even more excited to have a plan I love!  The fact that my mom and I created it completely from scratch makes it even more special!  It truly is our custom home that is the perfect fit for us!  I love it!  :)

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