Thursday, May 27, 2010

147/365 Today was for the birds!

This morning bright and early we discovered this little bird that had fallen out of it's nest onto our driveway.  Poor thing could barely walk along so we moved it out of the way and over to the tree where there was some protection.  The kids loved it. 

Tyler quickly went and located a worm for the bird and like a good daddy went and attempted to feed the bird.  They LOVED that part!
Then they went to work trying to find more worms so the baby wouldn't get hungry.
Poor Mama and Daddy Bird watched the whole thing.
I finally convinced the kids it was time to head in hoping that mama bird would come in and feed the baby the worm Ty had found.  Later in the day Jacob put the bird back in the nest.  I hope it isn't rejected because it had people loving on it today.
This young man was so thrilled that today was his last day of school!  Summer is officially here.
Sadly the day was kind of ruined by me not feeling well and taking a trip (via ambulance) to the ER because my heart was acting up.  I had a bad EKG at the doctor here in Albany (along with numbness in my left arm and tightness in my chest and high blood pressure which I almost never have).  As it turns out I have pneumonia (which is odd because I have no cough etc.).  My white blood count was really high, I was running a fever and my chest x-ray showed pneumonia.  Go figure.  That along with my previously diagnosed tachycardia and heart murmur kind must have threw things off at the doctor in Albany.  I was put on antibiotics, steroids, and breathing treatments and scolded for stopping my heart meds without talking to my doctor.  Apparently I really do need them when my resting heart rate is still over 100 spiking to 134-140.  I am going to call my cardiologist and get back on them tomorrow.  I am still feeling crummy but I am so happy to be home.  At least I didn't have a heart attack at age 30.  Talk about being scared!
This day should have been fun but really it was for the birds...

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