Monday, May 31, 2010


Today I went and picked up the kids.  They had a great time but are SO TIRED.  They played hard all weekend long and it shows.  Tyler was ready for bed at 7:45 tonight.

We had a early supper, bathes and the kids settled in for the night with a movie.  It is nice to have them home.
Jackson had a sad moment tonight.  He just broke down in tears after supper.  I think he was coming off of a high this weekend and coming home to the reality of this little house got to him.  He is also missing his friends in Lockhart.  I gave him a copy of our house plans and let him figure out his room and that really cheered him up.  I know how he feels.  It is hard to come back to this house after a great weekend away.  Hopefully this summer we can stay busy and won't have to be cooped up in this little house too much. 

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