Saturday, May 15, 2010


Tonight we are still in Robert Lee because we didn't quite accomplish what we had planned on doing today.  The original plan was to take down all of the furniture in my old room so that mom can get a new bedroom set in there.  We didn't do that today because it was raining all day.  Instead mom and I worked on our house plans for 6 hours today.  SIX HOURS!!!  The good news is we finished them and I love them!  The one our builder had drawn us just wasn't working for what I wanted and it was about 100 sq ft. larger than I wanted.  It just had some wasted space and some odd areas that really were bothering me.  We sat down and didn't stop until we had meticulously placed everything in the house.  Oddly enough we took 110 sq ft. off of the house yet 3 bedrooms are larger than they were and one is the same size.  We also made the kitchen, living room and dining room larger.  We managed to get everything in the house that we wanted to get in and it flows well.  I don't know how we managed to do that and take sq ft. away but we did.  There is not a foot of wasted space in this house.  It is open with no useless space and it is just what we wanted.  I couldn't be happier that we now have this done.  I seriously feel like a huge weight has been lifted now that we have floor plans and now that the house is a reasonable size for us to build.
After we finished up the plans we went for a drive to see how much the lake is filling up from all the rain and went for supper at the marina.  It was a nice evening after a long day of working on plans!
We even saw some turkeys!
I guess tomorrow we will tear into the bedroom and then we will head back to Albany.
Hope you are all having a wonderful evening!

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