Thursday, September 2, 2010

245/365 We are under contract!!!

You know why these kids are so excited?
It is because today we signed a contract on our house and put the money down for it!
That means we will be breaking ground within 30 days. 
(That is of course if we are able to get the lot like we should be able to do.  We have everything turned in and waiting for approval.)
Today I headed in to the doctor because I have this cough that won't go away.  I've pretty much had it since the end of may.  He gave me 2 shots, put me on a high power antibiotic and did a lot of blood work.  Hopefully this will knock it out!  The kids were so good while there so they gave them some candy.  It is amazing how messy a ring pop can be!
We have had a crazy busy day between the doctor and then meeting with our realtor and builder and by the end of the day our kids were done.  Bedtime couldn't come soon enough tonight.
I am wiped out as well so I am about to head to bed.
At least tonight I can fall asleep knowing that today we took a huge step forward in this building process.
That is a good feeling!

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