Thursday, September 23, 2010


This afternoon and evening I spent about 5 hours cleaning out the kids closets. 
(Well...technically we are all in the same closet.)
It took FOREVER to sort through all of the clothes and set aside the ones that they have outgrown.
Forcing them to try on clothes to see if they still fit is not fun at all.  Poor Jaci pretty much needs everything new which makes me sad because she has a TON of cute Gymboree clothes that I loved that no longer fit her.  I am going to have to get busy listing things on eBay and buying her some new stuff.  They boys have some stuff that will still fit.  Tyler was a 4-5 last year and this year needs a 5-6.  Jackson's hand me downs are all size 5 or 7 so that won't work well.  I sure do miss living right next to the outlet malls.  I could always go over there ever week or 2 and pick up an outfit and have a fully stocked closet for each kid and I didn't have to do it all at once.  This year I don't have that and I hate it.  Buying for all 3 at the same time is going to hurt!
I didn't even think about pictures until they were out of the bath and banging on boxes with chop sticks.  Sorry for the lack of decent pictures.  I just wasn't in the mood to be creative when I had been sitting in the closet for hours.

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  1. beautiful kids :)
    - nicki
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