Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We break them in early around here!
Thankfully he loves to help cook and begs us to help out!  He is going to make a good husband one day.  :)
Jaci and Tyler are both throwing up.  Tyler started in on Sunday night.  We thought it was because of his cough.  Monday night when he threw up he was coughing as well, so again we figured it was the cough.  Last night Jaci threw up and wasn't coughing.  She threw up several times through the night.
Today I took Tyler to school, (kept Jaci home with me) thinking that he was OK.
He was not.  Clearly they have a virus because it continued on this afternoon even when they weren't coughing.
This is no fun!
I am praying for a vomit free night tonight, but all kids (including Jackson) are sleeping with a bucket just in case.  All of our extra sheets are in storage so our sleeping arrangements have been less than desirable once someone throws up in the bed.  I am so tired of stripping beds and washing sheets!
They have been super cuddly and sweet though and I have LOVED that!

Side note...Can you believe I only have 100 days of this Project 365 left?

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