Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My boys love their backyard football and baseball.
(Actually...my girl does too!)
Jackson is really into football right now.  He loves playing it at school and can't wait to go to football games.
If you look closely at his mouth you will see why it is that he bit his tongue in half a few years ago.  (He still has a hole by the way!)  Apparently when you concentrate you must stick out your tongue.  I took several pictures of him kicking the ball and his tongue was out in every one of them.  LOL!
Tyler is enjoying playing in their tree house/fort.  He can't wait to get out there every day to work on it.=
They are really going to love our new house and all of the areas for them to play out there.
Jaci just goes along and does her own thing and jumps in with the boys whenever she feels like it.  She is her OWN person and she lets everyone know that.
We also went out to get the house marked off today and ran into a few issues that HOPEFULLY I can take care of tomorrow.  Unfortunately it has me dealing with the man who sold us our lot and that is never easy.  Our builder will be clearing a lot of the cactus off tomorrow and doing some prep work but until we get the developer to sign off on our house placement we can't clear off the trees.  (Sigh!)
  I am still thrilled with how fast our builder is moving on this now that he is back.  That makes me feel good and I can deal with little things here and there.  Just pray for my patience tomorrow.  I have never dealt with the developer face to face and I am a little worried I might not be able to hold my tongue if he gives us a hard time and delays us more.
And now I have officially used the word tongue WAY too much for one post!
I'm off to bed!

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