Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Tonight's theme is puzzles!
Tyler's teacher called me today saying that she had made Tyler cry today because she made him participate in puzzle time.  Apparently he has not participated in puzzle time at all since school started and today she told him that he had to.  He then began crying.  When she called she wanted to know if the kids work puzzles.  I told her that Jaci and Jackson enjoy them but Tyler never has wanted to work them and we just haven't forced it.  She stressed how important puzzles are and said he needs to work them so after Jacob got home I loaded him up and took him to get a few new puzzles.  I figured if he was picking them out and they were new he would get hopefully get excited about them.  It worked!
We bought 4 new puzzles and then drug out several more that we already own.
We spent 2 hours working puzzles over and over again.
And praising them for doing such a great job.
In fact we worked every puzzle that we own tonight.
I am pretty sure Tyler won't have a problem participating in puzzle time from now on.
Here they are with just a few of the puzzles they worked tonight.  Jackson wanted to line them up and show them off.

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