Wednesday, September 8, 2010


At least someone is getting something built....
It has been a roller coaster ride the past couple of days.
Dealing with this house and then being so sick with pneumonia and the little kids both being sick with upper respiratory infections has really taken a toll on me.  I am just done...both emotionally and physically.  DONE!
And with that I present to you ...

A Tale of Two Lots...
Our biggest issue since moving here has been trying to find a place to build a house.  We have looked into several options some of which were too much and others where the seller had come to a verbal agreement with us and then backed out.  That brings us to the 2 lots (well...technically 3) which we are currently dealing with.  Back in April we approached a man who has a nice development just outside of town.  He had several lots for sale and then had a phase 2 of the community which he didn't currently have for sale.  Jacob asked if he would be opening up those other lots anytime soon because we would be interested in purchasing one of them.  The man said he would talk to his partners and get back with us.  Two months pass and we hear nothing.  We finally make the decision to move on and purchase 2 lots in town that are owned by the bank.  They weren't our first choice but they are nice and in a nice neighborhood.  I work out the deal with the bank and that night as I prepare to call our builder we get a call from the first man saying they will sell us a lot in the area we want.  He just needs a few weeks to get it surveyed off and drawn into the community and then we are good to go.  We called the bank and told them we were going to go with another lot and then proceeded to wait....THREE MONTHS!
Each time we would call to check on the status we would always get the same line of we are just waiting on the surveyor or the lawyer or the business partners and he would get back with the next week.  THREE MONTHS OF THIS!  In the meantime I am going crazy, our builder is getting restless and there is nothing we can do about it.  Once we finally had the survey in our hands (which the man lied to us about!) and a price on the lot, he informed us of a whole list of demands that we needed to meet before he would go under contract with him.  We took care of everything we needed to.  We signed our contracts with our builder and celebrated because everything was in place for us to FINALLY get our lot.  The man approved of everything last Friday but on Tuesday morning 2 hours before he was set to meet with our realtor and builder and sign the deal he emailed and said the price was wrong and had gone up by $6,000.  No arguing.  No talking about it and making sure he had the correct lot.  He wouldn't even discuss it with our realtor.  I panicked and called Jacob home.  He was as mad as I have ever seen him.  We called the bank and made sure the other 2 lots were still available and then Jacob called the man and asked him to take 2,500 off of what he was asking.  He decided he needed to sleep on it.  I moved forward with the bank lots making sure everything was in place to get them if the deal fell through.  This morning we got a call that he would sell them to us at the original price he quoted us but he wanted more time to check into our builder's references.  (Something he had already done LAST WEEK!)  We called the bank and they agreed to hold the bank lots for us until Monday.  They had an offer in for one lot but preferred to sell us 2 so they were willing to wait it out.  I fully expected him to back out of the deal but tonight I got a call from our realtor that he had emailed her and agreed to go forward with the sale.  They are set to meet up tomorrow at 1PM and we are now have a closing date of Sept. 17th.  (My birthday!)  I am not celebrating yet.  Both our builder and realtor have both said they have never dealt with anyone like him before.  In my wildest dreams I couldn't have made this up.

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