Friday, September 17, 2010


Today was my birthday and I got just what I wanted! 
(Not the man...the lot...OK...I'll take the man too!)
We FINALLY closed on our lot today!
If you look at this picture you can see it goes from where the pole is on the left to a little past where the truck is located.  We are so excited!
To celebrate my birthday and Tiffany's birthday and closing on our lot we headed to Buffalo Gap and went out to eat at  Perini Ranch!
Perini Ranch is such an amazing place and it is so special to us because in the spot where all the children are now running around is where Jacob and I got married 11 years ago!  We have only been back once since our wedding and that was when Jackson was just a few months old.  It was nice to go back and take a walk down memory lane!
I just love the rustic feeling of this place and the kids loved it as well.  Jackson already said he wants to go there for his birthday.
It was a great night (minus Jaci getting car sick on the way there)!
The food was amazing!
And the stress of the past few months was set aside and we just celebrated!
It was wonderful!
And now everyone is tucked in and peacefully sleeping which is what I plan on doing as soon as I hit publish!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
I know my weekend is looking like it is going to be fabulous!
(This picture of Jaci was technically taken during her afternoon nap.  It was just too cute not to share.  I love how she has her kitty propped up on her shoulder sleeping.  She loves that kitty!)

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