Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today we have had a much better day!  This weekend is homecoming here and tonight they had a Dinner at the Den where you can come up and meet all of the athletes and get their autographs.  The kids thought it was so cool!
This morning the developer FINALLY signed the closing papers on the lot so we officially own it as of this morning.  What a relief!  Our builder wasted no time getting busy out at the lot.
The kids were so excited to go out and see what all had been done.
This is the first time that the kids and I have really been able to get out on the lot and walk it because the brush and cactus have just been so thick.
It was nice to get out there and imagine how it would look.

Cactus carnage...

The view of the lot looking west.  Jackson's room will be about where the bobcat is located at the back of the house.
Looking from the garage area East towards the house.  That big pile of brush happened today!  They cleared the entire area where the house will be in one afternoon.

Looking south from the garage area at our driveway.  The entrance will be where the tractor is located.
The builder did take out a few of the larger trees that we had hoped to keep, but I'm sure there was a reason for it.  He knew that we wanted to keep all of the trees that we could.  I told him to get rid of all the cactus and leave the trees.  I am beyond thrilled with the progress so far.  They have the bobcat for the week and have told us we can use it, so in the evenings Jacob will be out there trying to clear out the back part of the lot.  We wanted to do a lot of the work to save money and so that we would have a say as to what was done with the trees in back.  This may be boring to some of you but this house is also my baby so I will be documenting the daily progress as we go along.

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