Friday, October 1, 2010

274/365 9 Months of Blogging!

How is is already October?  I can't believe how fast this year is going by!
Normally I am so excited for Fall to come around so that I can pull out all of my fall decorations.  This year they are all in storage and I wouldn't have anywhere to put them even if I could get to them.  It makes me so sad to not have out all of the things I love but at least it is temporary.  Next year I will have more than enough room to decorate.  I do have the wonderful scent of Pumpkin Pie burning in my Scentsy warmer.  It at least makes the house smell wonderful even if it doesn't look good!
Today was Homecoming here.  We thought about going to the game but Jacob's parents are coming in tomorrow and we just have too much going on tonight.  The kids all went to bed late last night and were all super grumpy and tired so we put them in bed really early tonight so that hopefully they will be in a good mood tomorrow.  Jackson has a program tomorrow morning so we will have to get up and going early in the morning.
I am off to go fold my last load of laundry and head to bed.  It's been a LONG day with very grumpy kids!

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