Sunday, October 3, 2010


Technically this was taken today...although it was last night.  The boys slept great last night all huddled in the same bed together.  They loved their camp out.  Jaci also slept great at the hotel with Jacob's parents. 
Jacob's parents had to head out early.  After they left the kids and I headed to Abilene to get them all new shoes and get everyone a hair cut  (including myself). 
Jaci had such a big growth spurt over the summer and the only shoes that currently fit her are her crocs or her rain boots.  I have been putting size 9 shoes on her size 11 foot.  That's what happens when you just wear sandles and crocs all summer long! 
It was a busy afternoon with 3 very tired and grumpy kids.  Thankfully we got a lot done!

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