Monday, October 4, 2010


We are loving life right now! 
The weather is beautiful, we are moving along with our house and Jacob has somewhere to go and work in the evenings.  I'm sure it will eventually get old but right now it is all exciting and fun!

Every morning Jaci and Tyler are asking to go out to the lot and see Kevin (our builder).  We usually go... and of course when I pick Jackson up he wants to go out we go again.  When Jacob gets off work he heads out there and we tag along for a little while.  The fun thing is that our lot is changing by the hour right now.  Today they were burning off the brush pile and the kids loved that!  Who am I kidding...Jacob and I are loving seeing it all too!
The kids love running around and me telling them where their rooms will go.  This is Jaci standing in her "room". 
This is looking from the kids side of the house towards the front of the lot.  They cleared off a lot of the under brush at the front today.  It really looks so much nicer. 
The kids even got to take a ride on the bobcat today. 
They loved that! 
Here is Jackson standing in his room. 
The cleared off view of the front of our lot.  Doesn't it look nice compared to what it looked like this time last week?

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