Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today we woke up and couldn't go out to the field early because the combine wasn't working right and needed to be repaired.  The kids too the opportunity to head out and play a little more baseball. 
They all did great! 
I was especially proud of Tyler because he normally doesn't want you to pitch to him but he let Cindy and did awesome.  He was so excited after he got a couple of hit and now he can't wait to get out and play baseball.  Jacob is thrilled about that! 
After lunch the combine was up and running again so we headed out to the field to harvest some corn!
I even rode along once with Jaci and really enjoyed it.  These John Deere combines are really high tech!  I couldn't believe all of the technology in them! 
Jaci really enjoyed her ride! 
Tyler was as excited as he could be to be harvesting corn.  Pompy was worried they might not want to stay out the whole time they were working but they did.  Each day they were out for around 3 hours. 
Jackson went out on the tractor and actually preferred it because you are going and doing a lot more.  He liked the combine but liked the tractor and grain cart much more! 
My little harvesters! 
Switching out...can you see how small the boys look next to the combine?
Tyler heading for the tractor.

A view of my grandpa from inside the combine.
The boys hard at work!

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