Friday, October 22, 2010


Don't ever let these 2 tell you that they don't love each other.  I know better. 
I know that when Jackson is at school they are each other's best friend. 
I also know that they will give each other hour long massages.
( actually they spent an hour giving each other a massage 3 minutes at a time.)
First Tyler would go and then Jaci would go.  They thought it was great fun! 
And poor Jackson was at school missing out on all of the fun.
No worries though...they are now all happily with their Meme for the weekend and Jacob and I are resting watching some baseball after a busy day of running around.
We went to Morrison Supply and made our final decisions on all of our plumbing and kitchen stuff and then headed to the brick/rock place to start making selections for our exterior. is so overwhelming!  I picked 3 I liked and then the guy told us to go look at them in some subdivisions and while we were out to write down any other house numbers we liked so that they could look those colors up.  I ended up HATING the ones I picked.  They just didn't look the same on the house as they did on the sample.  We have our work cut out for us!
After that we went to Lowe's to get a wheelbarrow, good rakes and some other garden tools.  We have big plans for our lot tomorrow.  While there I scored some Halloween decorations 90% OFF...HELLO...90%!!!!  I got an $80 Halloween tree for $8, a huge blow up pumpkin for $4, light up pumpkin and candy corn yard stakes for .75 and a pumpkin carving kit and 3 strobe lights to go inside for .30 each.  HAPPY DANCE!!!  They kids will be so excited!
While there I also visited my appliances.  This may sound totally crazy, but I like to go and look at them and open them and dream of how wonderful it will be to actually have some room in our refrigerator and a microwave where we don't have to unplug the stove light, coffee pot or stove to run it.  It will be wonderful!
Have I mentioned that Lowe's is currently my happy place?
It is...I LOVE Lowe's!
Oh...we also snuck off to supper at Texas Roadhouse.  A rare treat that we never get to enjoy anymore because of Jackson's peanut allergy.  We can only eat there when he isn't with us and when we know we won't be coming home to him.  I also love Texas Roadhouse!

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