Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today seemed like it was a day of non stop running and phone calls.  It is good though.  It just means that we are moving closer to getting into our house.  I can't imagine doing this and working full time.  I have been researching everything we are going to do or put into out house and therefore every decision is taking me forever to make.  I am also trying to find the best deal possible so that means once I finally pick something I am then looking everywhere trying to figure out the best deal.  I have found some great deals on some awesome stuff so it is all worth it.
I love a bargain! 
Today I had promised the kids we would carve pumpkins once Jacob came home from work.  Turns out there were no pumpkins to be found in the town of Albany.  We headed off to Breckenridge and had to go to 3 stores before we finally found some.  By the time we got home we had to do homework and get supper ready and have baths so we didn't get the pumpkins carved tonight.
Hopefully tomorrow! 
Thankfully even though we had a busy day it was still a great day.

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