Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Today we were busy running around trying to get ready to head to Nebraska tomorrow.  The kids and I are heading up to see my grandparents.  Tyler is BEYOND EXCITED to be going up there so that he can ride a combine.  He has wanted to do this on every trip up there but we have never been there during harvest before.  He has not stopped talking about this trip since I told him we were going a few weeks ago. 
Jackson is so excited as well.  He is really looking forward to riding the combine as well as all the great bike riding that there is around the town of Bruning. 
Jaci is looking forward to seeing her Cindy and playing ball with Pompy (my grandpa).  Funny that she remembers doing that while we were there last time.
I will not have internet access while in Nebraska and I really won't want to take time away from family time to blog so I will not be blogging until next Monday. 
I will keep pictures and will write a blog post for every day but I just won't be able to post them until I get home.  Jacob has also promised to take pictures of the house progress.  They didn't get to digging the basement today because of some delays so they will be starting first thing in the morning.  I am sad that we will miss it but so excited to be making this trip.
Pray for my sanity tomorrow and Monday.  It is a 9.5 hour trip alone with 3 kids.  (Have I mentioned that Jaci gets carsick?)  Should be fun...LOL!
See you all next Monday!

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