Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Harvest at home.....This is pretty much what Tyler has been doing since we got home! 
It is too cute to watch and his little imagination at work.
(Although he isn't too happy because his tractor doesn't have 4 back tires like Doug's.) 
We enjoyed some popcorn popped off of the corn cob.  The kids thought it was the coolest things ever! 
They were able to put it all together that popcorn comes from corn like they harvested.
BTW...Tyler has hated popcorn for years now but after doing this he has once again decided that he likes it.  LOL! 
We spent some time outside while waiting for supper to cook playing baseball and then headed out to the lot. 
The kids enjoyed playing around on some of the dirt piles from the basement.
Jackson is thinking he is going to have a pretty awesome sand box.
Today the finished up setting all of the form boards and rebar and the pest service came out and sprayed for bugs and termites.  Tomorrow they will be poring the basement floor!

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