Tuesday, October 5, 2010


 Today we have had another busy day.  Between working on the lot, school for the kids and preparing for our trip to Nebraska it is a bit crazy around here.
 Jacob is busy at work and then heads home long enough to change and head out to the lot to do some work.  He has been working out there from about 4:30-8:30.  Tonight Jackson said it reminded him of when we lived apart because I am home doing homework, cooking and giving the kids their baths without him.
 Thankfully Jacob comes home just in time to give everyone a goodnight kiss. 
Jacob can haul off a big load like this and it won't even look like he went through the area because the cactus is just so thick!
And now for a Before and After picture....
 This was how our lot looked last Wednesday morning.
 This is the exact same view of the lot today...7 days later.
This is a view from the garage/laundry room looking East at the house.  Right in the center of that area was where our big burn pile was yesterday.
Today we have a new burn pile where our parking pad will be.  This is looking NW.
I realize that looking at these pictures might get a bit old to some of you but I am now doing this for us to have a record of our building process.  I want to have this to look back on and see how much things have changed.

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