Saturday, October 30, 2010


Today we have had a fabulous day.  We worked out at the lot some and then got ready for today's Fall/Halloween activities.  This is the first time that Jaci has ever worn pink foam rollers in her hair.  It brings back so many memories for me because my mom always put them in my hair.  She didn't know what to think but liked her princess hair when it was all said and done.
We didn't make it out to Trick or Treat the downtown businesses because Jacob and the boys came in from the lot too late, but we did make it up to Jackson's school for the Fall Festival.
Tyler and Jackson were both skeletons.  Tyler has been asking to be one since last year and once Jackson saw me ordering Ty's costume he had to be one too.  Tyler couldn't wait to get into his costume!  
Jacob thought Jackson was a bit old to be dressed as a nice skeleton and thought he needed a mask but this is what he wanted to be so I went with it.
Oh...and as an added bonus their costumes are actually PJ's from Gymboree so after they are done with the costumes we have an extra pair of super cool glow in the dark pajamas. 
This year I let Jaci be a princess.  She picked Snow White.  She absolutely loves playing dress up and tea party right now and has been obsessed with making sure all of her princess dress up clothes are like they are in the movie.  (Meaning no short dresses!)  Snow White was the last costume we had to replace so after she is done with her trick or treating her costume will go into her dress up box so that it can be real like the real princesses! 
The Fall Festival was so much fun.  Once again showing us how amazing the schools here are.  Everything was so well put together and just overall a nice experience.  This is one of the main fundraisers for the PTA and although the games did cost us .50 each it was worth it because the PTA here does so much for the schools and we have seen that first hand. 
It was a lot of fun for us all! 
It was also so neat to see Jaci and Tyler recognizing their classmates from school.  Jaci even road the train with a little boy from her class who just jumped in with her.  It was so cute! 
Here are today's pictures of the house progress.  The basement is now cleaned out. 
Here is a view of our garage.  It doesn't look much like a 3 car garage in this picture. 
They finished up filling in the rest of the dirt around the basement yesterday. 
This is an overall view of the house.  The house and porches will be from the front boards to the back boards.  You can see one of the sides but the other one hasn't be set yet.
As of right now it is looking like it will be about 8 days until they pour the foundation.  Our builder doesn't want to be rushing the process and wants to make sure the dirt settles in around the basement good so he is holding off another 4 days.  We are fine with that.  We just want it to be right.

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