Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This is a day I am certain we won't be forgetting.
I was able to make my little boy's dream of riding on a combine come true.
When we first got out to the farm we had to wait for the combine to come in so the kids took turns taking pictures on the tractor. 
Tyler was just beside himself with excitement.  I seriously thought he might explode.  He just had so much excitement and energy in his little body that he didn't know what to do with it.
It was AMAZING to watch! 
Jaci wanted to get on the tractor but wasn't too sure about the combine at first, so she didn't go for a ride today.  She spent time with Cindy and I doing some grocery shopping. 
Somehow Jackson and Tyler worked it out where Jackson would have the first turn on the combine and Tyler would go with Farmer Doug on the tractor.  He was excited because the tractor was a big John Deere tractor. 
At one point while waiting for the combine to fill up, Doug even let Tyler take a turn driving.  We were wondering what was going on when the tractor was driving crazy around the field and beeping the horn.  Turns out Tyler was behind the wheel! 
Jackson took his camera along to capture things from the inside of the combine.  He actually has some pretty good pictures from in there. 
Harvesting the soybeans. 
The kids really got to see how things work during harvest.  Here are Doug and Tyler unloading the soybeans from the grain cart and loading them into the bin. 
After that, Doug got Tyler out and showed him where the beans went in the bin and showed them how that worked.  It was such an awesome learning experience for them both! 
Jackson and Pompy (Grandpa) on the combine harvesting soybeans with the corn field in the background. 
After they came in from the field the kids all enjoyed some baseball with Pompy. 
They have the perfect backyard to play in! 
It was a great day!
Oh...and back at home, they dug our basement!  Yay!

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