Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today we went and met up with family for lunch!  It was a great to see everyone and meet the newest member of the group.  I didn't get my camera out and get pictures of everyone but we did get this picture of the youngest set of cousins.  My kids are with my second cousin's 2 boys.  Mason is only a month younger than Jaci and Kellen was born last December.
After lunch we headed to the Bruning park.  This is a favorite place of mine.  I have so many wonderful memories from playing there when I was a little girl.  There is just something about going back there that just puts me at ease and makes me feel so happy and at peace.  Although the park has changed a lot over the years, I still get that same feeling when I go there.  
While the kids played, Cindy and I had a great time visiting and taking pictures.  Have I mentioned how awesome my Aunt Cindy is?  I just love her...and I love how she loves my kids and how they love her! 
There are a few things at the park that were there when we were kids.
Funny how those are the things that the kids went for and loved playing on! 
They did enjoy the big new playset as well! 
Hiding out.... 
We had a lot of fun and the weather was perfect!  The leaves were changing and gently falling from the trees. It was awesome! 
After we got in from the park we headed back out to the field so that the kids could get some corn and soybeans to bring home. 
They wanted to bring home every piece they saw laying on the ground. 
They got a pretty nice collection to show off! 
We ended the night (the last night of our trip) with a party in the basement.  This is something we have done on the last night of every trip to Nebraska and the kids weren't about to let us leave without doing it.  They enjoyed root beer and Cheez-its at Pompy's bar.  :)

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