Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Can anyone guess what we did this evening? 
My kids have been so excited about carving pumpkins for the past several days. 
Of course it is all fun and exciting until the pumpkin guts start coming out.  Jacob hauled Tyler off to go check out the lot while I was supposed to get the others started on their pumpkins.  He conveniently stayed gone until after all of the gross work was done! 
I ended up scooping out the guts from 3 pumpkins because after about 3-4 minutes Jackson and Jaci were over it! 
Jackson did a great job carving his pumpkin himself with the pumpkin carving tools. 
Jaci got to do some of the work on her pumpkin and I finished it off.  She did pretty good but couldn't stay straight.  She was really good at punching the holes in it though! 
When Tyler got home he was ready to get to work on his pumpkin. 
He did a really good job on his, but needed some help with the mouth. 
He was so proud of his finished pumpkin! 
My 3 little pumpkins with their pumpkins! 
Jackson's finished pumpkin.  He did a great job all on his own! 
All set up and glowing tonight!

In other news, after Jackson got out of school we headed out to our lot to talk with our builder.  They are moving along with things out at the lot.
The kids enjoyed playing in the water that was being pumped from our basement.
The form boards are all down as of today!
And the steel trusses are going in!
I can't believe that we still have this much water in the basement.  Thankfully it didn't do any damage to the walls!
As I was saying goodbye to our builder I thought the kids were supposed to be loading up in the car but instead I found them over watching the water line going in.
Have I mentioned how much they are enjoying this all?
I am so happy that we are doing this as a family and making memories.
It is so exciting!

Oh...and HAPPY 300th post!  Whoo hoo!

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