Sunday, October 3, 2010


This morning the Homecoming festivities continued with a performance for all of the ex-students. Jackson has been so excited about this for weeks now.

I was once again reminded of why I love this town and school so much.
As an added bonus Jacob's parent's came into town today with Luke and they were all able to see the program.
After the program we went and looked around downtown, showed them our lot and then headed back to the house to cook lunch.  The kids all had a great time playing ball together and playing in their fort. 
Today they made a few more improvements with Luke's help. 
They played non stop all day!
Jacob's mom, Jaci and I also managed to squeeze in a bit of shopping downtown this afternoon.
It was a nice little girl's outing. 
Tonight we cooked steaks and after supper headed out to the new fire pit that the kids built.
We attempted to get a little fire going but just ended up creating a lot of smoke. 
Everyone took turns telling spooky stories and trying to scare each other.
(Can you tell how into the story Tyler is?) 
It was a lot of fun! 
And now I have 3 silly boys sleeping in 1 bed which we turned into a tent and a daughter who is happily spending the night at the hotel with her grandparents.  It is 12:05 and I don't foresee the boys calming down any time soon.  I am exhausted though and am finally about to head to bed.  It has been a long jam packed day!

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